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Travelling with style - a list of Luxury Villas and accomodations

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Luxury isn’t simply a matter of money; when it is , it doesn’t mean all that much to us. We believe that having to make some effort in order to enjoy exclusiveness implies the reward of making some part of the experience entirely yours; it can be a panoramic view, a small medieval arch hidden in a cloister , a tree or a garden which gives you a particular feeling or whatever else ; it’s yours and nobody elses’ because you deserved it , because you strove for it; it wasn’t simply and easily given to you as to anyone else. We think that in this magic lies the sense of exclusive experiences: you grab a crumb of time in life which becomes a part of your existential treasure chest, to be selectedly shared with those you care for, because in the end, it’s a matter of finding an object to love, falling in love and sharing it: we offer you the beautiful villas to stay in, the rest is up to you.
We have created this website and guide after over ten years of research of this incredible jewel that is Tuscany. We have explored every inch of this special region - every city, every village and every tiny road. The Essential Guide To Tuscany is the definitive place for a truly unique and luxurious experience.
Why ‘Smart and Luxurious’?
In choosing one of the exclusive and authentic private properties that we offer, you can be assured of the all the services and comforts provided by a five- star luxury hotel, however all of those luxuries are yours to enjoy in privacy. We also tailor make your stay to suit every whim you might fancy. An added bonus is that this means of accommodation is cost-effective when compared to a similar stay in a top hotel

The sublime natural environment of Tuscany, the fortified architecture, and the ever-growing fine art scene are just a very few areas that Bespoke are proudly promoting. Bespoke is passionate about delivering idyllic Tuscany to the rest of the world link


How would a perfect traveller look or should look when visiting Italy? What's the best time to go to a restaurant in the evening? What would be the perfect colour for a wedding in Italy (if you are not the bride nor the groom) : link

Why this website?

We wanted to celebrate a love for a place that grown of year in year, and to always offer to you to the possibility living your travel in the most comfortable way. We are here- we design the vacations, we invite friends, and we speak the language to those that who will accommodate you. With an affection and ‘know how’ we collaborate with all of Italy and other countries to ensure we will be providing anything at all you would desire.!

Fiesole, Firenze
12 People, Florence

A breathtaking view over Florence, a Garden that evokes tales, the perfect location for dream weddings infos and availabilities

Anacapri, Capri
Villa - Smart & Luxury in Tuscany
16 People, Capri

The swedish writer Axel Munthe decided he would have a stunning - the most beautiful - villa in Capri, and here it is infos and availabilities

San Gozzano, Lucca
Villa - Smart & Luxury in Tuscany
37 People, Lucca

You won't believe the beauty and the equilibrium of this villa, private chapel included infos and availabilities

A complete and quick list of our best villas in Tuscany and Italy

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